my new favorite toy

lol with a title like that a post can go in any direction but this refers to a piece of electronics…ok i guess that doesn’t help the situation at all either haha.  I got an iphone almost two months ago and have to say that it is the coolest thing ever…definitely worthy of supercool status…i would take a picture of it with my iphone and post it to the blog but then I realized that that is physically impossible unless I used mirrors.  I wont go so far to say that my iphone has made me a better person but it has definitely made me both more efficient and less efficient at the same time.  I love having the internet, the real internet not a phone webbrowser in my hands, and have been able to consolidate a lot of business contacts and info, which is great…meanwhile bubble-explode is a terrible addicting game, which sends me into a state of complete incompetence whenever my fiancee has managed to set a new high score better than mine.  I currently hold the top score so all is well in the Prudoff-Smith household…well for me at least 🙂

So a friend of mine from miami who I refer to as mike epps, gary coleman, stewie, number 2 (due to his consistent second place finishes in fantasy football behind yours truly, who is referred to in some corners of the fantasy football world as the greatest fantasy footballer this side of the atlantic ocean…I will happily accept all challenges and subsequently crush you, for real)  Ok off of that tangent my friend stevie often calls me color me bad, so the other day when I was shaving my beard, I left the mustache to see what I would look like, and I must say I looked like I was ready to jump in to a remake of magnum pi, or into, you guessed it, a color me bad video,

lmao, never one to shy away from making a joke or being the joke, haha! here’s a picture I snapped of myself, with my new favorite toy, my iphone

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I loved Hamburg. It kind of reminded me of DC but with a more maritime feel to it. The Elbe River runs through the heart of the city and really seemed to be its lifeline. Interestingly enough Hamburg, despite bearing some 50 miles inland, is the 3rd largest port in Europe (due to the presence of the Elbe) There were lots of beach clubs along the river too, and then as I discovered one day after going for a run and turning right instead of left, they had beaches on the river. Although I dont know how good I feel about swimming right across from a shipping port. I was tempted but did not get in the water.

Hamburg has one of the oldest metro systems too, and it was clean, uncrowded, efficient comfortable (any of these adjectives remind you of the ny trains, haha, i think not) and best of all, get this…it operates on the honor system.  They also had a very well run system of buses and public ferries which traverse several miles of the elbe, which was very very cool.

Oh yeah the architecture was awesome as well.  so many super cool buildings, very modern and avante garde

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Where’d I go?

Hey. So in talking with a friend of mine a couple days ago, the question was raised, “Why haven’t you done anything with your blog? You were just in Europe for a month and you didn’t make a single post, you should have been blogging everyday. What’s going on?”

In case you too were wondering what’s been going on and you just read that last paragraph and are thinking to yourself Europe, what? Yes I spent essentially the month of July in Hamburg and London. So I’m getting back to blogging. This is going to be somewhat of an overview blog of my whole experience, and I’ll be adding more as they come to me. Stuff comes to me a lot too, and I’m going to make a point to start sharing more often, after all, sharing is caring. And yes I just wrote that cliche, that just happened.

To start, on July 7th, I left JFK at 6 pm and flew to Heathrow, a 6 hour flight with a 5 hour time change. Now this is flying in the 21st century so of course there were delays along the way, lol, and I arrived in London around 8, to meet more delays but eventually left Heathrow on a flight to my initial destination, Hamburg. I arrived in Hamburg around 1:30, or 1330 as time in Europe often goes by a 24 hour clock, and not am/pm as we are accustomed to in good ole ‘Muurrica. I groggily stopped by my modeling agency in Hamburg, Place models, got the keys to the model apartment and promptly went to sleep. This was a humbling moment for me, as I have — in my adult life — always viewed myself as being tough, and I just knew that I was going to beat jet lag and not the other way around…wrong, it took me at least a full day to get my body back on schedule.

Now the primary purpose of my trip was to meet with the major clients of my agency, which I did over the next two weeks in a number of go-sees. Which are when you go see a client in a private meeting, unlike a casting which is less of a personal appointment.

The only major frustration I had was I saw the most important German catalog, Otto, the day after I arrived, first thing in the morning. Now I’m usually good with directions but when I’m in a country with language unlike anything I’m used to, it takes me maybe two days before I can do anything I want without any speedbumps. This however was still day 1.

I followed the directions but it turned out there were two buses numbered 173, I got on the wrong one, and I had not figured out how to activate my prepaid phone yet because the directions were in German, so I ended up being 30 minutes late, argghhhhh…being late has been a lifelong battle of mine which I have started to win because I now truly abhor being dilatory (or hate being late if you want to rhyme) After that I figured out the city, which was pretty awesome actually and the transportation, which I loved. But I want to talk about in a separate post so this one doesn’t go on forever. I’ll be back!

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Acting showcase

So my acting showcase was sunday and monday of last week, and was an unbelievable experience.  When I started out studying acting I never realized I would enjoy live acting and theatre as much as I have.  The showcase was a culmination of a years worth of pushing the boundaries  with an awesome group of people.   For me this meant a lot of singing and dancing (lol sorry for those who had to endure those moments) and giving myself permission to break out of a pretty sturdy shell I had built.  I would go over every scene but then this post would be a novel, so I am going to just focus on mine, it was really amazing to have the whole class performing at the top of our games though.

My showcase scene started with me (well my character, Chick) working in my autobody shop and then highway to hell comes on, which launches me into a energized air-guitar session, which lasts until my scene -partner, Jo-Lynne, apprehensively enters, and after much verbal extraction finally discloses that she is there because she wants me to kill the man who murdered her husband.  Some of my favorite moments in the scene were the air-guitaring private moment at the beginning which I oddly enough abhorred the first time doing it.  Then, once the scene starts it was just a lot of fun. I (Chick) got to be the supreme asshole, played coy and fucked with Jo-Lynne to the point of her hysterically exploding, calling me a stupid-mutherfucker and then explicating in detail everything she wanted me to do, in response to which I continue to be an asshole.  I haven’t done many synopses before so I hope that suffices.  Once I have the video I will upload it.

I wish I could be a professional acting student, and just go to class all day, but alas you pay for the classes, they don’t pay for you, and at the end of the day, you gotta eat.  The day after the showcase I had a shoot in Miami, at 9 am so I got next to no sleep, caught a cab to the airport at 4 am, arrived at 855 went straight to the location shot til 730 jumped back in a cab to the airport and came back to ny… needless to say, it was a busy couple of days.  I included a couple pictures from my class pre-showcase, and should have some from the showcase soon as well.  Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start 🙂

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Some really random musings

I’m going to describe a scene here.  I just left a meeting, which could have gone better, stepped outside turn the corner and thwack!  I think to myself, “What the fuck was that…shit.”  And yes, shit it was, green bird shit on the right shoulder of a fresh new shirt.

This made me think about how “they” say being shit on by a bird is a sign of good luck, which is funny b/c I have a very sardonic sense of humor and always felt that adage was a little off base, and someone came up with it, simply because they had been shit on and wanted to feel better about themselves, so when their friends came around and started teasing them, “youuu got shit on ha ha haha ha,”  They responded by saying, “what, you know this is good luck, you should wish you got shit on,” and so a myth began.

A couple years ago I started writing down some of these very random thoughts, some of them are pretty funny some of them you may find tasteless and stupid…personally, IDGAF, I’m sharing them, well some of them.  I can’t give you all of it the first time, they you wouldn’t have anything to come back for 😉  Enjoy

Whoever said being shit on by a bird is good luck, just wanted to feel better about getting shit on


If you are reading the book He’s Not That Into You, well, then, I really don’t need to finish this, you should already know


All women love poles, if they don’t, there is something terribly wrong with them


All men love women who love poles, if they don’t, there is something terribly wrong with them


Honesty really is the best policy


There is such thing as being too honest


Sex may not solve problems, head might not even either, but both sure do feel good


Laughter is said to add years onto your life, therefore

Learn how to laugh at yourself, that way when people laugh at you you can join in on the fun

Don’t feel bad about laughing at others, they just laughed at you

if they are upset, inform them of the fact that you just want to live longer, so you can continue to laugh at them


If you were a hat that is size extra large and you’re shorter than 6’0″ then you have an unusually large head,

If you know someone like this it’s okay, you can be their friend, they are people too.

You might not want to let them borrow any of your shirts though

People with big noses are invariably cooler than people with big heads,

my having a big nose, and an obnoxious shit-talking, large headed friend has nothing to do with this statement…really

everyone has a large headed friend
everyone has a large headed friend


Licking others is not fit to do in public


Licking yourself is even worse


Alcohol can make everything better

Alcohol can make everything worse


The saying goes opinions are like assholes, everyone has one…I prefer opinions are like toes, everyone has them, BUT some peoples are just way more fucked up and nasty than others.

those are the people you want to stay away from

Whether it happens to be their opinions, or their toes

If you happen to be bereft of toes, I am terribly sorry, but at least we don’t have to worry about your opinions, hopefully

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Upcoming acting showcase

I realized today that I oughta use this forum to discuss my upcoming acting showcase , and might as well show a few of my headshots (still yet to finalize them, but I’m trying to get that taken care of…sigh)

So I have been studying with the Deena Levy Theatre Studio since October.  When I arrived in NY I wanted to pick back up my study of acting.  I had taken acting classes in my senior year at William and Mary and loved it but then moved to Miami and began teaching.  Being a first year teacher did more than its share to occupy my time and it wasn’t until my second year that I started looking for and then taking more acting classes, but struggled to find a class, teacher and approach that resonated within me.  I studied with one teacher who was truly nuts, so I stopped that, then I took some on camera workshops and an interesting method based workshop, but weekend workshops can only take you so far.  When I moved to NY I decided to get back into it, but it took me a little while.  This turned to be a blessing in disguise.  With limited available options in terms of schools and or classes that were still enrolling people, I contacted my freshman hallmate Chris Clawson who has successfully launched an acting career here in NY, to get his suggestions.  He told me to look into Deena Levy’s workshops, and that she has often worked with models who want to make the transition into acting.

I looked into Deena’s school, and gave her a call.  She then quickly convinced me to spend my birthday weekend in a studio taking her workshop.  That has, to me, been one of the best decisions I have made since moving to NY, and I have found something which I am so passionate about that I don’t know the last time I felt this way about any life pursuit. Following the workshop I started taking weekly scene study classes, taught in the same approach by the equally brilliant Chris Santangelo.  I will go into the approach we take at mastering the craft in a later post, because it deserves its own explanation.

Fast forward 8 months, and 5 scenes later and we have arrived at our yearend showcase, this upcoming weekend.  It’s tough to see how excited I am about this in this entry but know that my excitement is palpable (I like to throw around sat words when I can lol).  So without further ado, this Sunday and Monday at Tada Theatre Studio (15 W 28th St, 2nd floor)  from 8-10 both nights, I and my 11 classmates will be performing in our year end showcase.   The flyer in additional to some headshots (I will be narrowing my headshots down to 1 or 2 soon, which will be kinda tough) are below, and I’ll be following up with some video in the very near future 🙂

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I’ve finally done it!!!

After months of saying I was going to make a blog and never actually bringing it into existence here it is, and here I am with a blog 🙂

In the coming days, weeks, months, years, I will share bits and pieces of myself, be it outtakes from photoshoots, maybe video from my acting class, random musings, things that are on my mind, what I ate for dinner, who knows.  If you know me you will know that any and everything is fair game, and if you don’t know me well then you will soon find out.  In case you are wondering, that is me in the header, circa 1986.  I believe in laughing and smiling my way through life as much as possible, and as you can see I was a festive one even at a young age 😉

To spice things up a bit and add a little more than just words to my first post I’m including a picture taken earlier this morning by the uber talented photographer extraordinaire Ms. Sean P Watters, the grandtrannie of them all.  This is myself and two of my close friends here in nyc, “Baby Jarrod” Pierce aka [as of tonight] Fierce Pierce and Brandon Parker (no clever nickname yet) and another uber talented photographer, Tarrice Love, who is killing us models with the expression, and who I hope to one day grace the lens of as well.  After a night of soul food at Amy Ruth’s and a whole lot of trash-talking and ham-hawking Sean couldn’t pass up on documenting the three of us models and his photographer comrade all at the same time in his Harlem Studio.  I believe its only fitting that after I criticized some of Sean’s blog entries for being too long winded I type up an epic in my first entry, the saying goes “do as I say not as I do,” right? lol ah well…Welcome to my blog, feel free to take you shoes off and stay a while 🙂

three models and a photographer courtesy of Sean Watters

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